Berlin Kita search service

Tired of searching for a KITA spot in Berlin?

We understand your pain and can help you find a KITA spot in Berlin.

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Experienced support

About Us

We are experts who previously faced the challenges of finding a kita spot in Berlin. 

We know what it takes to get a kita spot and can help you with the entire process.

Our Services

We provide end to end service for Kita search in Berlin

1-1 session

1:1 Session

We will have a short google meet call to understand your situation and explain the process.

3000 plus kita contacts

Contact 3000+ KITA

We have a list of over 3000 KITA in Berlin. We will contact them to find a spot for you.

Regular Updates

Any response from the KITA goes directly to your email inbox. So, you are always up-to-date.

KITA Gutschein

We will help you apply for KITA gutschein or Kita voucher. This is a mandatory document in Berlin.

Why Choose Us

100% Transparency

We have a 100% transparent process.

End to End service

We will do the entire process for you.

Reasonable Price

Our services are reasonably priced.

Trusted brand

We are a trusted brand with over 200 customers.

Don't waste your time

We are professionals and have prior experience of finding several KITA spots in the past. Let the experts do the job for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Is a Kita spot guaranteed if I opt for this service?

Once you opt for the service, we will start the process by understanding your current situation and the requirements and will start contacting the Kitas in Berlin on your behalf.

Even though we are experts and can drastically improve your chances of finding a Kita spot, we can not guarantee that you will definitely get a spot.

How long does it take?

Our service duration is for 1 week (7 days) or till you get a kita spot. Whichever comes earlier.

That means we will keep applying to Kitas for a duration of 1 week from the date you book our service.

During this period, we can send email to over 100 Kitas near your location.

Is this service only for Berlin ?

Yes, as of now we have our service limited to only Berlin.

We might introduce our services to other cities of Germany in the future but we do not have a definite timeline for the roll-out of our services outside of Berlin.

How can I trust this service?

“Germany Is Calling” is not a company run by one person but it is a community of people who help each other.

We have helped thousands of people in the last couple of years in several ways ranging from finding a job in Germany to helping them with the visa processes and so on.

You can check our social media accounts and Discord server to hear the feedback from our existing customers.

How does it work ?

1. As soon as you pay for the service, you will get an email with further details and option to schedule the first 1:1 session with an expert.

2. The expert will try to understand your current situation and make a note of all the important details before applying for Kita spots in Berlin.

3. We will curate an email and send it to 100s of Kitas near your postal code. This will be sent from a newly created email id that you can also access anytime you want.

4. All replies from Kita goes to this email id and you can take over the conversation from there.

5. In 7 days, we will finish sending emails to all the possible Kitas.

6. Once you get a kita place, you can get back to us and we will help you to apply for the Kita gutschein.